In previous days, one of my friend wanted to learn Adobe Flex. Since June ’07 I’ve been working with this amazing framework, freely provided by Adobe. So, I provided to my friend some hints and I have decided to collect this information with the net.

Adobe Flex official site. Here you can download the Adobe Flex SDK and a 30 days trial of Adobe Flex Builder.

Adobe Flex Developer Center. A good (and official) source of tutorial, samples, howtos and many other things about Flex.

Flex Open Community. The official opensource community. Like the Flex DevCenter, this site is full of samples, tutorial, documentation and so on.

Flex Component: some commercial and not Flex component. My preferred are the Book, the FishEye, and the iFrame

Flex Skin. One of the best features of Flex is the capability to personalize the GUI with a couple of line of code and a CSS. In scalenine site you can find some good skin (CSS) for Flex; so, you only have to include one of these in your project and it will take an engaging look&feel.

Flex Effects. Uhlmann made some spiffy (open source) Flex Effect to include into your application. Rotate cube, split and gate are some beautiful examples.

Something about Flex Module
. One of the most important Flex features it the capability to create modular application. Using the module paradigm, when you deploy the application many swf file are created and the final user will download only the part of your application used by the user. Also Bruce Phillip made a page about Flex Modules

NOTICE: This post is a working-on page. Take a look to it in the future.